Will Kourtney Kardashian Get Back With Scott Disick Or Stay With Her French Boyfriend?

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian has made headlines again recently as rumors abound that her on-again off-again boyfriend and father of her three children Scott Disick is jealous of her new boyfriend Younes Bendjima. Kourtney and Scott were together for over ten years, but now it seems Kourtney has moved on with her life after having had enough of Scott’s hard partying ways over the years and she doesn’t look like she is going back. But…is there a chance that Kourtney could indeed one day get back together with the father of her children?

We take a look at the astrology to find out…

Kourtney Kardashian Birth Chart:

Kourtney was born on April 18, 1979 and this means that she is a sassy Aries. Her birth chart shows us that she is a no-nonsense lady, but if that is the case then why did she put up with Scott for years? Well, Aries is known for being a very loyal sign and also one that prizes family above other things, so Kourtney hung in there in the hope of providing her kids with a stable family life – which included Scott. When an Aries loses their temper however and makes a decision, they usually stick with it!


Scott Disick Birth Chart:

Scott was born on May 26, 1983 which makes him a double headed Gemini. This means that you never really know which side you are going to get with Scott. On the one hand there is the kind and gentle father figure and on the other there is the party animal who wants to go out all night. This makes him a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde figure and this is probably what caused Kourtney to realize that it was never going to work in the end, as Scott’s mood swings were just too unpredictable.

Younes Bendjima Birth Chart:

Younes Bendjima was born on May 5, 1993 which means that he is a down to earth Taurus. Those born under this sign are known for being calm and patient people and they also have their feet firmly on the ground. Younes has a laid back personality and is also not the kind of person to lose his head when it comes to love which is probably why his early relationship with Kourtney was a rather slow burn.

Leo Rising Sign:

One of the most interesting things about the charts of Scott and Younes is that they both have Leo as their Rising Sign. This is the sign of the Lion and is also a Fire sign which is the same as Kourtney who is a fiery Aries. Obviously this girl likes a little heat in her life! It is no surprise really that Scott and Younes have similar looking birth charts, and Leo is the Sign of the Lion which is also linked to family relationships and family trees. This shows us that both Scott and Younes are family men who want to expand their brood, and mother Kourtney obviously seeks out men who she feels have a strong sense of what it is to be a family and a committed unit.

Leo is also a vain sign however so Kourtney also clearly likes a man who knows how to take care of himself. In astrology a Rising Sign is linked to outward appearance and this is why you will never see either Younes or Scott out and about looking anything other than their absolute best. There is nothing wrong with this of course; it just shows that appearance matters to Kourtney!

Scott or Younes?

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. (Photo credit to Bettina Cirone)

If we look at the charts for these two men it is difficult to know who will rise to the top and win Kourtney’s heart in the end. Aries has a had a rocky ride over the last few years but Uranus, Planet of Surprises is no longer wreaking havoc in Kourtney’s chart, so things should settle down for her.

But…who will she settle down with? If we look at Younes’ chart then we can see that it is all about work. Younes works as a model and we can see that this man is going places in 2018. His career will kick into overdrive now and he will be working pretty much non-stop if that’s what he wants. This could however cause problems with Kourtney who may want them to spend quality time together which proves difficult due to work commitments. Younes has the backing of the planets when it comes to love in 2018 as he has Jupiter in a favorable position in his chart, but it takes a back seat to his house of work which is all lit up and ready for action.

Scott’s chart on the other hand has more of a focus on his love life and there is a feeling of release when we look at it. This doesn’t however tell us if he is going to get back together with Kourtney but it does show that he is going to go through a healing time in his life and that he will get the chance to let go of some past hurt. The important thing is that he works through his relationship issues with Kourtney this year and it could be that even if they don’t end up getting back together, they could make a lot of progress in their relationship when it comes to being friends.

Looking at both charts, there is much more chance of things working out with Scott than with Younes just based on their sun signs. An Aries and a Taurus match, like Kourtney and Younes is a tricky one. The issue is that Aries is about action and Taurus is about slowing down. While Kourtney is out doing activities with the kids, Younes may just want to stay at home and chill out. While Kourtney can be a hot-head when she gets emotional, Younes will tend to freeze her out and will refuse to even talk about it – and Bulls are the most stubborn sign of the zodiac.

Aries Kourtney and Gemini Scott however is a much better combination. Gemini is an Air sign and this manages to balance out a bit of the Fire that an Aries sign is known for. While Kourtney can get frazzled by the little things in life, Scott is there to remind her to have a little fun and just wants to go out and socialize and have a good time. Gemini is also a chatty and fun sign, but also has hidden depths and is extremely intellectual, so Scott is the total package – as long as he can keep his urge to socialize in check. Gemini is, if anything, the most sociable sign of the zodiac, but Scott needs to curb that side of his nature and become a bit more responsible if he wants to win Kourtney back.

All in all, Scott and Younes are similar in many ways but Younes has the more stable chart and steady nature. If Kourtney wants a man who will be reliable and loving, then she should absolutely stick with her French-Algerian boyfriend.

Aisyah Llewellyn

Aisyah Llewellyn first started studying horoscope books as a child which she borrowed from her mother and read for hours late into the night. When she was in school she started to draw up astrology charts for her schoolmates before finally studying astrology properly when she became an adult. She first started to write mundane astrology predictions about world events for publications and was then offered her own monthly astrology column in Magdalene Magazine. From there she started to get private requests for astrology charts with many clients asking her to focus on their relationships. As a result, she began to specialize in compatibility charts and strongly believes that it is a myth that some zodiac signs can’t get along. She is an advocate for astrology being accepted as a science and also believes that astrology is not destiny. If she could give readers any advice, it would be that free will plays an important part in astrological predictions and nothing happens if you don’t take action.

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