Use Your Psychic to Find Love

What if I told you that you have psychic abilities? Or, even more shocking…you can use these abilities to create a happy relationship that brings you fulfilment? Don’t seem so surprised, after all it was your abilities that landed you here. Not just on this article, but where you are in your life. Whether you are full of uncertainty and doubt or the happiest you’ve ever been, will depend on how you recognize and use your psychic abilities.

Here are ways to discover and refine your inner psychic and find the love you seek.

We All Have Psychic Abilities

Remember the last time you had a gut feeling, felt like something was missing, or felt as if you were reliving a distant memory? That’s right, those are your psychic abilities. You don’t need a TLC show or a glass ball to harness your inner psychic. Even if we choose to ignore internal and external signs, they will still occur. But what changes when you pay attention?

Gut feeling, deja vu, wise advice from strangers, dreams, and visions are all a part of our psychic existence. Most of us experience all of these blessings at some point in our lives. Why do we shrug off our intuitive signals? Psychic abilities come in many forms, but those who call themselves psychic have worked to refine and explore their gifts.

Accepting that signs and intuition are internal psychic abilities can be challenging. Mostly because it puts you in control of your life. It means you become responsible for your own destiny, not leaving your existence up to circumstance and creating the best life and relationships possible. Can you handle that much power? All of us want happiness, success, and love. Will you do what  it takes to create it for yourself?


Internal instincts are the strongest of psychic abilities and oddly enough, the most ignored. If you sense that you are moving in the wrong direction (figuratively or literally), listen up and change directions! You gain nothing by just hoping things will be different or thinking they will change on their own. The longer you ignore your intuitive gift the longer it will take to create the life and love you dream of.

Once you have learned to listen to your internal guide, you experience relationships differently. As a psychic, you will no longer idealize a person you are attracted to. With a refined intuition you will be able to see red flags, discover others intentions, and trust others at the deepest level. Listening to your intuition is the greatest form of self-love because it demonstrates the ultimate ability of self-trust. In order to have the relationship you want, you will need to trust your own decisions and desires. Second guess your every move and you’ll be standing still.


Strengthening your intuition is only done by listening to it. This will save you a lot of time and heartache in dating and relationships. Your intuition has a keen way of helping you understand your compatibility with others. You will learn to walk away from relationships that aren’t good for you, and learn to fight for ones that are worth it. Being psychic means being an observer. Use your intuition to take things slow with your dating life. Observing behavior instead of projecting ideals helps you get to know people quickly.


One of the best decisions I’ve made on my personal psychic journey, was keeping a dream journal. Now, most mornings I wake up I can retrace every part of my dream. I write it out as detailed as possible down to specific features of any people, animals, objects, or behaviors. At the end of the day I return to my dream journal and write as I would a normal entry about my day. It’s amazing how the journal entries seemingly reflect each other. Much like reading a horoscope, I’m able to see how my dream influenced my mood or decisions. On rare occasions I’ve experienced foretelling in my own life and the lives of loved ones. The reflective nature of rewriting and rereading your dreams gets you closer to your psychic powerhouse. Pulling you into your thoughts and subconscious will develop a strong sense of inner strength and awareness.  

Dreams are a chance for our subconscious to color a picture that our conscious may understand. When in a new relationship do you dream of him cheating, do you dream of babies? This can be an indicator of fears you will need to work through or internal peace you have in the relationship. Listen to what you learn as you sleep. Understanding your dreams takes time and is much like an algorithm you learn to interpret.

Just because you don’t remember your dream doesn’t mean you didn’t have one. Give yourself some time in the morning to recall what you can, even if doesn’t happen right away, you will notice it comes to you throughout the day. Create a journal entry on your phone if your dream comes to you later. Dreams are inspirational, thus why we are often encouraged to follow them. Eventually, you may dream of the life and love you want to create and find it occuring in real life.

Deja Vu

Sometimes dreams can feel too real. Meeting someone you feel you’ve known your entire life, or seeing a place for the first time and thinking you’ve been there before are all examples of Deja Vu. When I moved to NYC I was taking a walk exploring my new Brooklyn neighborhood. I turned the corner and entered my local Bodega when suddenly, a flash of familiarity swept over me. I had never been here before yet I felt like I had a distinct memory of this place. Deja Vu meaning “already seen”, is an incredible phenomena and a unique demonstration of psychic abilities. Even the best psychics recognize Deja Vu as more of a reminder and less of an ability that you should control. Consider Deja Vu a symptom of psychic abilities that you are harboring.

Deja Vu can also be a reminder of a past life. If you find yourself repeating negative relationship patterns, expect a lot of Deja Vu. You will have continual trouble with love if you have unresolved issues. As you develop your psychic abilities you may discover dreams and Deja Vu are memories you actually have, just not of your current life. Your dream journal is a great way to distinct current matters from the past.

Guiding Angels and Spirit Guides

One of the most exciting parts of discovering and refining your psychic abilities is learning you’re not doing it alone. Guiding angels and spirit guides are different for everyone and can be found in people we know or entities we cannot see. Either way, they are there to help.

Guides maintain a perspective of our spiritual journey that we cannot acquire. They are protective and can help you create the life and relationships you desire. Guides even speak to us through love astrology readings. When they have a message to get across, will you be listening? Connecting with spirit guides  requires practice, patience, and an open mind and heart. Meditation is an ideal practice to connect with your guide. Once achieved, you’ll know who to turn to when the path toward harnessing your psychic abilities becomes challenging. Spirit guides are aware of your impatience and will provide endless courage, strength, and direction.

How Does this Help Me Find Love?

As you move closer and closer to being psychic you develop unshakable self-assurance. After you have taken the time to resolve internal conflict, learn to trust yourself,and seek the guidance of your spirit guides you confidence will be magnetic! This type of energy will draw positivity and love directly to you. Be patient with your newly found psychic awareness. It can only help you find love if you take the time to first nurture yourself. Psychic experiences are incredibly personal but the positive effects they can have on your mood and perspective will be noticed by those around. Psychic ability is not always about seeing the future but being prepared for it.

Learn to listen to your intuition and pay attention to what spirit guides teach you through dreams and deja vu. But most importantly trust the process and trust yourself. In no time, you will notice your psychic abilities drawing you to the love you’ve only dreamed of. While there are no guarantees in life or in love, one thing you can know for sure is that developed psychic abilities will help you through whatever may come.


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