Who is Better for Selena Gomez? Weeknd, the Aquarius, or Justin Bieber, the Pisces?

Years ago we all fell in love with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s young romance. As the couple grew up, they eventually went separate ways.The Disney star turned Pop sensation has since grown up and explored other fish in the sea- the most notable being rapper, the Weeknd.

Everything between the new couple appeared perfect, but things aren’t always as they seem. The ten month old couple split and Selena was back in the arms of her first love, Justin Bieber.

What’s in the stars that has pulled Selena back to her ex? Why didn’t it workout with the Weeknd? Would destiny continue to give Selena whiplash due to dissatisfaction? Let’s take a closer look at their signs to discover which pair is more cosmically destined.


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A Cancer in Love

True to her sun sign, Cancerian Selena doesn’t fall in love the way other signs do. She is protective of her heart, and like the crab, if she feels threatened- she’ll pinch! Cancers may have a hard shell, but once they fall in love, they’re all in. While this is a compatible trait for like-minded signs, it can also set the Cancer up for emotional abuse. It’s important for this sign to not let themselves be walked all over.The loyalty of a Cancer is paramount and they demand the same dedication and respect in return.


Fear of rejection can have this crab shaking in its shell so Cancer will let her partner take the lead and make the first move. This often requires a bold partner who doesn’t shy away from an opportunity to sweep cancer off her feet. If you can’t capture and hold her attention in the beginning phase of love, it’ll be onto the next.

Cancer’s Need Attention 

It will take more than being a leader to have a Cancer fall in love with you. Quality time is the love language for Cancers. Selena often made time to fly to wherever her Beau was performing. Even if that meant to another country! The very nature of two Pop Stars being together will denote a long distance relationship. Since both Bieber and Weeknd are performers, who will be able to keep up with the attention needs of their Cancerian Princess?

Cancerians are Emotional

The emotional capacity of a Cancer are both its strength and weakness. At times these sentimental expressions are warm and welcomed, at other times it can feel suffocating and make a Cancer seem clingy. Either way, Selena and other Cancers require a person who will create a safe environment for these emotions. If she feels free to express herself without limit or hesitation- she’s yours! Let’s take a look at The Weeknd. Can an Aquarius meet the needs of a Cancer?

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Aquarius in a Relationship

Like his Cancerian counterpart, Aquarius takes time to fall in love. Selena and The Weeknd did just that. When they talk about their relationship they often refer to the friendship that developed slowly but naturally.

Aquarius requires a lot of mental stimulation and often seems distracted. Partner to an Aquarius must be mentally on their toes to keep up or they risk feeling rejected by the fast-moving air sign.

Selena and the Weeknd Compatibility

The very core of an individual is best represented by their values. For Cancer, stability and intimacy reign supreme, while Aquarius values freedom and intellect. This difference in pace will cause the Cancer to feel abandoned and the Aquarius to feel tied down.

When Selena and the Weeknd became public with their relationship, they seemed to be attached at the hip. Trouble in paradise arose when this quality time was jeopardized. It’s no surprise the break up happened shortly after the Weeknd went on tour. Selena’s partner in crime wasn’t as available to her anymore. Why should such an emotional being go without the love they desire?

All is not lost because what Aquarius and Cancer lack in shared values they make up for in communication and understanding. If the two have disagreements they aren’t likely to explode or have a shouting match. Instead, the anger would be quiet and still. The two understand the importance of giving each other time to cool off. In a relationship Cancer and Aquarius remain independent and respect each others differences. Even though they may want to, a Cancer and Aquarius will never ask the other to change.

But maybe they should.

Friends and fans alike were surprised by the the couples split. Many close ones noted that they never seemed to fight. Maybe a little push and pull could have saved this relationship, or perhaps another lover still had Selena’s heart.

Justin Bieber
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A Tale of Two Water Signs

Justin Bieber is a Pisces and shares the element of water with his on and off again girlfriend, Selena Gomez. When Cancer and Pisces come together the attraction is immediate and strong. Cancer quickly understand the sensitive nature of their Pisces better than anyone else. Pisces also mirrors Cancers love of being in love.

The issue arises when Cancer no longer fulfils a Pisces ideals. The crab isn’t patient enough to always bring its Pisces back down to earth and the Pisces will not be able enjoy the mundane day to day with the humble lifestyle of a Cancer.

In order for Selena and Justin to last this time around they will need to create a fine balance between stability and excitement. The emotional connection between these two water signs is unlike any other astrological pairing. If these two can remember their bond during the hard times, the possibilities are endless.
Who is More Compatible?

An aquarius can stimulate the mind of any partner and is always there to teach his beau something new about the world. But what a cancer needs is someone who is okay with a Friday night at home with popcorn and Netflix reruns. The lifestyle of an Aquarius and Cancer differ too greatly for them to build a home together. Aquarius needs someone who can keep up while Cancer is always looking for an opportunity to slow down.

Passionate Pisces will be the first to enjoy a deep, emotion filled conversation with his needy Cancerian. Cancer will be the reliable and steadfast partner that Pisces can depend on. Together the two share an incomparable bond and are excited to share each other’s dreams. However, the two need to remain realistic and be okay with rough patches. If Pisces and Cancer can grow from the hard times, they will continue to bring out the best in each other and have a promising future.

If Justin Bieber can remain sincere and positive with Cancerian Selena Gomez, then this is a match made in the stars.


2 thoughts on “Who is Better for Selena Gomez? Weeknd, the Aquarius, or Justin Bieber, the Pisces?

  • January 2, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    My vote was for the Weeknd- I love them together! Looks like their signs had other plans.

  • January 2, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    i think i will stick the choose for both Selena and Justin for sure 🙂


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