ProAstro Daily Horoscope-5 Jan 2018 (Fri)

Readings for 12 zodiac signs:


You are in your element today Aries. People will flock to you and you in turn will thrive under their gaze. In this case this is a great day to do something such as make a big pitch or a presentation, as you will find that people are truly drawn to you and find it almost impossible to resist any of your requests. If you don’t have such a presentation planned then you would do well attending networking events or mixers as people will love your easy charm and charismatic attitude. A boss figure or VIP could also notice you.



You could be hurt today by a throwaway comment Taurus and this is really not like you. As the Sign of the Bull you are usually pretty direct in your approach and are often the one to accidentally hurt people with your words. Unfortunately the shoe is on the other foot today and something someone says could really rub you up the wrong way. Although it can be tough to hear, you really need to get it together and try to be a little less sensitive now. You have been the one causing this on many occasions so you don’t get to be so precious!


Be careful of who you listen to now Gemini. The problem is that you could have a lot of advice on a day like today and not all of it good. You are a sign that loves to listen and talk at the same time, and this can make you vulnerable to not thinking things through clearly before you act upon them. This could be the case now and you could half-hear what someone is saying and then take it as a sign that you need to act on their advice immediately. What you really need to do however is reflect on what they said and then work from there.


This is a wonderful day for you Cancer when everything you touch turns to gold. People just can’t say ‘no’ to you now so with that in mind start thinking about what you want to ask for. It could be that you have been working hard in a steady position at work but that you are now ready for more responsibility. If that is the case for you then speak up and mention it to your boss. Do you want a raise? Absolutely ask for it! You may not hear a ‘yes’ to everything but there is a good chance you will make a lot of headway.


Be careful today Leo. There are signs in your chart right now that recommend being cautious as there is a risk of injuring yourself or getting hurt in other ways as a result of reckless actions. If this is the case for you, and you are planning something like a day out doing extreme sports, then you really may want to reconsider. This is not the moment for that kind of thing so you should take every precaution in your life at the moment. This is also not the time for big moves like an expensive purchase or moving house.


This is a day that is seen as being fated for you Virgo. As one of the most sensible signs of the zodiac, you don’t really believe in fate, but here it could come, knocking at your door. As you walk around town you could find that you see signs that seem as if they are speaking to you directly. If this is the case then absolutely do not ignore them, and instead look at how these might be relevant to your life. You could be surprised by what you learn and how it gives you a new perspective on issues you have had for a while.


This could be a tiresome day for you Libra. As an Air sign, you can sometimes come across as a bit of an airhead and this could certainly strike today. You also have the tendency to be more emotional than usual and this could lead to theatrics if you don’t get your own way. When you want to be you can be very manipulative and in this kind of mood you could find that you go too far and this backfires spectacularly. So take it easy now and don’t make any sudden moves that upset people. Keep calm and carry on!


This could be a taxing day for you Scorpio. Why? Well the issue now is that there is a heavy weight when it comes to your chart. This indicates that people are going to dump their problems all over you and if this happens then you could feel like you don’t know how to react. It could be that you decide to help them but this could also make you stressed and emotionally exhausted. If you turn them down then you could be accused of being a bad friend, so there is the sense now that you feel as if you just can’t win.


There is a sense in your chart now that people could flock to you today but that they will cause you nothing but stress. You are very popular now but it could be because people are looking to get things out of you rather than spending time with you just because they enjoy your company. This could also apply to family members and you may find that people in your life are actually taking up a lot of your time and emotional energy without actually giving much back. This is a tough call but you need to learn when to say ‘no’ to others.


There could be family problems for you now Capricorn and these could all relate to communication issues. As a Capricorn you are the sign that is related to the patriarchy and the old school way of doing things. You believe in tradition and in respecting one’s elders but if others don’t respect you in the same way then you can get extremely angry. This could happen to you now and you may find it impossible to find an accord with people born of a generation to you. But you must try your best to find some kind of common ground.


This is a difficult day for you Aquarius as there is a real sense that you could suffer when it comes to your health. This is most likely a niggling issue that you have had for some time but it could also cause you problems in the long term if you don’t get it checked out now. Health, particularly your bones and teeth, is a big theme for you for the next year Aquarius but much of it is about prevention rather than cure. So make sure to do your part by eating well and sleeping for at least eight hours.


This is not a day to make any complicated plans Pisces. Why? Simply there is something clouding your judgment and your vision at the moment and this means that you can’t see far enough down the road to make good decisions. With that in mind you need to put off any big decisions until another time or you need to make an effort to be flexible. Nothing should be set in stone now and you should be aware that plans can change and change again. Knowing that be prepared for several cycles of planning. This will twist and turn before it straightens out.

Aisyah Llewellyn

Aisyah Llewellyn first started studying horoscope books as a child which she borrowed from her mother and read for hours late into the night. When she was in school she started to draw up astrology charts for her schoolmates before finally studying astrology properly when she became an adult. She first started to write mundane astrology predictions about world events for publications and was then offered her own monthly astrology column in Magdalene Magazine. From there she started to get private requests for astrology charts with many clients asking her to focus on their relationships. As a result, she began to specialize in compatibility charts and strongly believes that it is a myth that some zodiac signs can’t get along. She is an advocate for astrology being accepted as a science and also believes that astrology is not destiny. If she could give readers any advice, it would be that free will plays an important part in astrological predictions and nothing happens if you don’t take action.

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