ProAstro Daily Horoscope-11 Jan 2018 (Thu)

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Readings for 12 zodiac signs:


This is a slightly testing time for your relationships Aries. There is a sense that your partner may want commitment but that you are the one who is holding back. Aries are usually very independent creatures and this means that you often live the bachelor or bachelorette lifestyle well into later life as you hate being tied down. But if you have a steady partner or spouse then you need to commit to them as well, as it is not fair to keep stringing people along who are giving you their all. So be kind today and talk it out Aries.



You could take on a sort of mentor like role today Taurus of the kind you have never had before. You are a kind soul and have a lot of wisdom beyond your years and now you will get the chance to impart some of this to someone else. If someone comes to you with a problem then do all that you can to help them. They will appreciate it and the life lessons that you impart to them now could literally change their life for the better. Knowing that make sure you open up as much as you can and look out for someone in need.


This is a day when you just want to take it easy Gemini. Unfortunately you may not get the chance now as you will be pulled in all different directions. The issue now could be that people seem to be trying to deliberately push your buttons but this is very unfair and you really deserve better than that from them. If you can rise above this however then you are really in a great position and the emphasis is on them to change their behavior. If you descend to their level then you are also in the wrong –remember that!


You are such a sweet sign Cancer but sometimes people can take advantage of you. Because of this you tend to attract fair-weather friends who need you when the going gets tough but are not there when it all hits the fan in your life! This is probably not the case today, and you may not need any support, but it would be nice to have it if you did! On a day like today, you may decide to look at those close to you and see how much they truly bring to your life. If the answer is ‘not much’ then you know what you need to do.


Be careful today Leo as there is a difficult energy in the air for you. It could be that people seem as if they are trying to provoke you but you do not deal well with this kind of behavior and you could push back on them even harder. But you need to know when to pick your battles. If they deserve it then you may want to have a quiet word with them, but if they are just being petty then there is no need to step in and escalate the situation. This is a good day for taking a step back rather than wading into a verbal disagreement.


This is a great day for tidying up any loose ends in your life Virgo. As an analytical sign you hate it when things are unclear but now you get the chance to work through some issues and put them to bed permanently. Take stock of everything you want to achieve early in the morning and then work through it slowly but surely. This will mean that you have a methodical approach which is truly the best way for you to work. In the evening you will be delighted by how much you achieved and can go to sleep with a smile on your face.


You could have to use all your mental agility today Libra to sort out problems. Just as you deal with one, three more could pop up out of nowhere. People around you may have dropped several balls, and now you will be scrambling to pick up the pieces, which is not really your responsibility. This can be frustrating but in this case, if you want to get things done, then you may want to step in and be the one who saves the day. At the end of this long day however you will feel exhausted so take some time to rest.


This is not a day when you will get much done Scorpio which could be news that you really don’t want to hear. You are working hard at the moment but this is not a day of breakthroughs or of any kind of special praise or recognition coming your way. You need to focus your energies instead on tasks in front of you and work out what you are going to do in the future to get you from point A to point B. Like everyone else you have many goals in mind but you can’t always reach these immediately. It takes time!


You could find that people are trying to trip you up today Sagittarius and this could be difficult to deal with. Often you like to look for the good in other close to you but today it could prove elusive and you could feel like people are out to get you. The way to deal with all of this is to either ignore them or take the high road. You can’t control people who are being difficult in your life but you are in control of how you deal with them. Now is the time to use your agile brain and work out how you can best move forward with this.


Today you could find that you are in the spotlight Capricorn and this is particularly true when it comes to your romantic life. You could have a number of suitors in the mix at the moment who are all vying for your attention which is not something that comes your way very often. You are hardly a natural flirt but today you have the gift of the gab so use it and have a little fun. Just don’t lead anyone on if you do not have feelings for them as this could cause them to feel confused at a later date.


You could have a productive day today Aquarius and this is one time where everything appears to come together as it should. At this time you could get a lot done but you will also have the mental agility to see the big picture and work on some creative solutions to problems you have had in the past. This is now the moment when you can really nail down some great plans for the future although you may not be quite ready to move on them or launch a project into the world quite yet. Still, this is a very exciting time in your life!


You need to manage your emotions today Pisces, which is actually one of the great themes in your life! You have constant issues with being too sensitive when it comes to certain situations and you chart indicates that this is exactly what is going to happen now. Along comes a problem or a friend with an issue, and suddenly it all blows up into a massive drama, probably because you are so emotional that you didn’t handle it well. Others around you may also be sensitive now and so you really need to be the one that holds back. You can do it!


Aisyah Llewellyn

Aisyah Llewellyn first started studying horoscope books as a child which she borrowed from her mother and read for hours late into the night. When she was in school she started to draw up astrology charts for her schoolmates before finally studying astrology properly when she became an adult. She first started to write mundane astrology predictions about world events for publications and was then offered her own monthly astrology column in Magdalene Magazine. From there she started to get private requests for astrology charts with many clients asking her to focus on their relationships. As a result, she began to specialize in compatibility charts and strongly believes that it is a myth that some zodiac signs can’t get along. She is an advocate for astrology being accepted as a science and also believes that astrology is not destiny. If she could give readers any advice, it would be that free will plays an important part in astrological predictions and nothing happens if you don’t take action.

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