Daily Horoscope 9 July 2018


Endeavor to give yourself as much rest and relaxation as possible Aries. Investing capital right now could have very negative, if not catastrophic consequences, as it’s highly likely that you will back the wrong horse. If you encounter something unexpected, refrain from making any hasty decisions, actually what is needed is calmness and patience; separate the important from the unimportant; bring about an adequate solution. You are in a state of siege in your own home and in your family circle. People are criticizing you constantly Aries and you feel you’re doing everything wrong.



It is important in relationships Taurus if you keep reminding your spouse of all the good time you have spent and treat each other with respect, there is hardly any obstacle in your way to have a long lasting and happy relationship. Wherever you are, the looks you catch from others now and then are obvious and direct. Family and friends feel especially drawn to you and are paying you a great deal of attention. You realize how much more can be achieved when pooling recourses with others. In matters related to investments, You’ll do fine on your own Taurus, but even better with the help of others.


It is a good idea to include a wellness day in your weekly routine, take care for your body. Gemini, now is the best time to go out and spend. Buy yourself something nice, but don’t splash out on just one item. The help you’re able to give others in professional life is rewarded. Maintain contacts and strengthen your social ties, especially with close friends and family. Don’t keep putting them off, because they really need to be near you now. Making an effort to get out and socialize is enough to make others aware of your qualities and there is every chance you’ll discover a new love interest.


It’s time to strike out in a new direction Cancer people and get to know nice people. Pleasant conversations will do you the world of good. Above all, they expand your horizons and change your perspective. You’ve a grasp of new assignments and are able to master problems with ease. Unexpected support is forthcoming and you gladly accept without reservation. Right now you need some financial security, but don’t let caution make you become mean. Don’t forget to organize a peaceful weekend away every so often, give your body some deserved rest and relaxation.


The stars are favorably inclined towards you Leo. Keep up this level of activity, because you have the right instinct for profitable business transactions. It’s an appropriate time to put plans into action. Colleagues are keen to take advantage of your advice regarding certain projects you’ve shown a special interest in. A naturally harmonious atmosphere exists between you and your private sphere. You have an abundance of energy, for yourself, your family and friends and are strong, calm and harmonious, strengthening family bonds.


You are blessed that your partner is very loyal and distinctly endearing. Basically, there is no reason to complain at all. Even so, you are somehow absent-minded, although you and your partner are inseparable. If single then be prepared for the next opportunity you get to win over that special someone. Friends and family know exactly how much you mean to them and value your company. You notice how your colleagues appreciate you, give you new ideas, offers, and suggestions too. If you also do the same to them then you remain popular with your colleagues.


Use your not-so-ordinary powers of recovery you’ve learned Libras to revitalize your mind and body, repair the healthy balance you’ve worked hard to maintain and have always expected to possess. You are prone to let yourself be cheated when conducting smaller transactions, so don’t let this happen. If you experience some heated arguments today, you should question if there is something that you are doing wrong. You’re faced with complicated issues and a number of seemingly impossible tasks.


You are probably dealing with financial matters in a totally relaxed way Scorpio, maybe more than you should. Your colleagues may be stressed and fearful, but you cope with the situation in a straightforward and calm manner. You appear to be totally unconcerned about the future today but all we can tell you is – be prepared for changes. It is time to strengthen ties to your loved ones Scorpio. Pursuing dreams you believe in you’re able to approach anyone you’re interested in, give them an invitation or unmistakable encouragement. It’s important not to let this opportunity pass, make the most of any situation.


In work life, keeping a cool head is important Sagittarius. Some of the problems that you encounter today seem impossible to solve but don’t loose hope as they will automatically resolved in a few days. Till then don’t ignore the possibility of adopting a totally new approach. There can Some unexpected problems that may crop up during business deals. Your plans and ideas are not making headway, and you cannot convince others of their benefits. It’s time for you to focus on your health, and learn to weigh up healthy choices against the potential damage caused by overeating, alcohol consumption and smoking.


You have a very loving partner Capricorn, but your heart currently only notices the minor things of being in love instead of focussing on the benefits. Your finances are going through a turbulent phase. You think that your decisions are always correct but in reality this isn’t the case. It will soon become apparent that your investments aren’t at all profitable. Don’t blame others – rein in your pride and accept that your aloofness has caused this misery. If you feel pressurized in any way, it’s much better to take some time out from any strenuous activities, as any more added pressure won’t be welcome.


If you face any office politics today then aquarius you should immediately leave the harsh conversations with them as chances of it going bad or worse are quite high.. Straightaway develop a thorough plan to improve your situation and accomplish any outstanding tasks. Don’t be too reticent about your plans Aquarius. You will have to put up with unpleasantness in your private life, being asked repeatedly to take a stance on awkward conflicts. Some decisions may be taken that cause you great pain. You are constantly tempted to seek pleasure for yourself, you don’t even consider the thought of sharing intimate moments with another.


You feel attractive today Pisces and reveal your seductive approach with the captivating way you engage others in conversation. You receive admiring looks of approval from the people that matter most to you. It’s time to enjoy life with family and friends and to plan leisure activities together. Everything you undertake ultimately is successful, and gives you satisfaction. You gain the respect and admiration of your colleagues, make sure you don’t take on too many new tasks, You possess the necessary energy to put in place long-awaited plans.




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