Daily Horoscope 5 June 2018

Tuesday 5th June 2018


You are on fire at work, which is normal for you Aries as you are a Fire sign. But the issue now is that you may also find that you are so consumed with doing well that you end up walking over people as you claw your way to the top of the pile. While success may taste sweet initially, people will remember your behavior and they may not want to work with you in the future if you behave in a way that offends and alienates them. So ask yourself about the price of your success now and take a softer approach.



Ouch! There could be a rather jarring feeling in the heavens for you now Taurus and you could find that some of your feelings get a little hurt. If that is the case, then you need to ask yourself if you should be so upset. Is it that people are being deliberately unkind, or are you being rather sensitive about things? The key now is to balance how you react to the stressors around you and it is a good idea to take a deep breath before you unleash your inner Bull on a day like today when everyone is a little on edge.


You could find yourself at cross purposes with others today Gemini. No matter how hard you try, it could feel as if everyone is on a different page. If that is the case, then rather than rally the troops, you may instead want to find a completely new approach. It may be that it is better to let everyone go and do their own thing, rather than try to force a sense of unity which is going to be very hard to manage. Once you have worked on your own projects or hobbies, then you can come back together as a group or team.


If you are in a romantic relationship then it could seem as if your partner is just not happy right now Cancer. If that is the case, then you need to try not to take it personally. These jangled heavens at the moment make everyone a little tense and you really need to take the time to understand what is wrong with them without turning a mountain into a proverbial molehill. So just start talking and see where that takes you instead. It could actually bring you closer as a couple. If you are unattached, this could also relate to a business relationship or similar.


You are a sign that usually speaks your truth Leo. You are known for not being shy about coming forward, but now it could seem as if the cat has got your tongue! If you have an issue with someone, you may not know how to broach it – but beware if this is the case! If you allow issues to fester without dealing with them, then this will only make them much worse in the long term and will actually lead to further fights and arguments down the road. So think it through and try to phrase your concerns gently.


We now have Uranus, Planet of Surprises, in Taurus and this brings the winds of change to all signs Virgo. In your case, this is going to be about your creative endeavors or projects that you have in the works for the future. It could be that you have something in mind, and if that is the case then you need to start to figure out how you are going to put the wheels in motion. You sometimes get bogged down in the details which can make you delay taking action, but actually you need to strike while the iron is hot now and make this count.


You hate conflict Libra and as a result you are also adept at making sure that you avoid it most of the time. That is not always possible however, like now, and with so many jangling elements in the heavens, you may find that you are unable to stave off an argument that is brewing. Actually this is all for the best and you and the other party will feel so much better once you have spoken your piece and dealt with the issue at hand. So the best advice now is to face up to this and see where it goes.


There could be some harsh words in the air today Scorpio if you don’t figure out how to deal with a tricky person in your life. There is a sense that there could be some tension here which has been in the mix for a while, and now it could all erupt as someone, or everyone, loses their cool. If that is the case, then you need to do your best to make sure that you say your piece and get your point across. If you don’t, then you will end up frustrated, but make sure that you also take a calm and kind approach to this.


You need to stand up for yourself now Sagittarius which is something that your sign does well compared to others. You have an easy charm about you which means that others tend to listen to you and see things from your point of view, so don’t let this elude you now – right when you need it. People could be challenging and unpredictable now, so you need to remember that you can only control how you feel rather than try to deal with everyone else and their complicated emotions. You can do this but you need to be firm and measured all the way.


You are known for being a very traditional sign Capricorn and you tend to keep your feelings to yourself. Now however this could have caused issues if someone close to you has failed to guess how you are really feeling. The heavens have such and unpredictable nature to them now with Uranus freshly moved into Taurus and the surprises just keep coming. For your relationships, this planetary energy could make things a little rocky today and you need to try and smooth things over calmly. But this also means opening up about what is wrong in the first place. So you need to start there.


You can be quite closed off at times Aquarius, but like all people, when you get excited you talk a mile a minute. The problem with that is that you could let something slip today and people may not realize that you were speaking in confidence. If you were however, then it will be too late and a secret could spill out before you have any time to stop it. With that in mind, you need to figure things out quickly now and stop yourself from letting the cat out of the bag. Keep your lip zipped today if you don’t want the world to know your business.


There is so much nervous energy swirling around in the universe now Pisces as we just had a huge planetary shift when Uranus moved into the sign of Taurus. We will continue to feel the effects of this for years, but it could also make everyone around you a little on edge until they get used to the new energy in the skies. With that in mind, if you sense that a fight is brewing today, then do your best to stop it from escalating immediately. There is nothing to be gained for you now when it comes to getting involved in a long and emotional conversation.

Aisyah Llewellyn

Aisyah Llewellyn first started studying horoscope books as a child which she borrowed from her mother and read for hours late into the night. When she was in school she started to draw up astrology charts for her schoolmates before finally studying astrology properly when she became an adult. She first started to write mundane astrology predictions about world events for publications and was then offered her own monthly astrology column in Magdalene Magazine. From there she started to get private requests for astrology charts with many clients asking her to focus on their relationships. As a result, she began to specialize in compatibility charts and strongly believes that it is a myth that some zodiac signs can’t get along. She is an advocate for astrology being accepted as a science and also believes that astrology is not destiny. If she could give readers any advice, it would be that free will plays an important part in astrological predictions and nothing happens if you don’t take action.

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