Daily Horoscope 11 July 2018


Your social life is due to suffer some turbulence Aries. You feel put down by friends and family or even get into arguments with them. Your career faces unexpected obstacles which aren’t easily overcome. Your work performance is scrutinized much more rigorously than usual. Aries you kn ow Patience is a virtue, and this is particularly true for money transactions. Your body needs special attention and your nerves are on edge too. Everything that excites you endlessly is not always worth your attention.


Taurus you should take a relaxed view of life and let grass grow over old feuds. Enjoy reviving old contacts and wallowing in nostalgia. The conditions are ideal, as you will be receiving a lot of trust and affection. It appears the teamwork you’re involved in is straightforward and productive. Rarely experiencing difficulties with colleagues, you continually strengthen the relationships you have and offer assistance where necessary or if they ask. Nothing can stop you right now and all your work seems to succeed.


Your in a splendid mood Gemini, you don’t feel restricted in any way, and excitedly you want to make use of this day. Your sweetheart should feel the same way. Be careful when faced with choices, to ask yourself how serious this person’s interest is in you. You have an abundance of energy, for yourself, your family and friends and are strong, calm and harmonious, strengthening family bonds. Your colleagues are keen to take advantage of your advice regarding certain projects you’ve shown a special interest in.


Cancer You are completely realistic when it comes to money matters, possessing good instincts for the right business decisions. You may find new business partners in this way who will soon be very grateful to you. These contacts could be useful in future. As a result of you pursuing your ambitions, career prospects improve, your work situation progresses and the momentum is kept going and fully maintained. Listen to what they have to say, and give them the feeling of being important!


You are lucky that the people you work with are friendly and interested in what you have to say. The team spirit that exists enable you to tackle various projects. Today is extremely promising for important new acquisitions. You have the right instincts for a good offer and are not easily intimidated. You’ve the capacity to handle a lot of exercise but need to manage any activity efficiently to ensure you’re not totally overworked or eventually run out of energy. Shared hours of tenderness and harmony are exactly what is important for your relationship right now.



Virgos you have the potential to become an important contact person for your colleagues, you proceed along these lines and exercise a certain degree of caution whilst making yourself indispensable. Use this time to renew contacts with your family. You have a very clear idea about how your relationship should be, what is not being understood and what is annoying for you. Even if you are just looking for bargains, you’ll be able to distinguish between good and bad offers.


After some really good days you are reacting quite quick-tempered whenever you feel taken advantage of or provoked by your partner. This will sooner or later lead to a powerful battle. Smaller arguments and conflicts seem to be pre-programmed. Keep calm and deal with this turmoil in a relaxed fashion. Keeping a cool head is important. Problems you encounter seem impossible to solve. Some unexpected problems may crop up during business deals. It’s time for you to focus on your health, and learn to weigh up healthy choices against the potential damage caused by overeating,


You can show your partner how big your love is and share your wonderfully sparkling world with the man or woman of your dreams! If some of you who are single feel that being polite and diplomatic causes you problems Scorpio, then there’s nothing wrong with letting people know you wish to remain single and don’t want a serious relationship. It is good to share your excess of love and warmth with people who really mean a lot to you. As your workload increases, you accomplish tasks with ease and are recognized for your competence.


Sagittarius you are constantly tempted to seek pleasure for yourself but don’t even consider the thought of sharing intimate moments with another. Some decisions will be important today so be careful and prepared. Try to see this phase as a chance for inner growth Sagittarius. If you find the right way of doing things, you will be successful. Don’t be too rigid about your plans, make other’s aware of what it is you’re attempting to achieve and you’ll receive valuable tips and support from them.


If you find it difficult to relax and feel on edge today Capricorn then let yourself unwind for a while, there’s no shame in feeling temporarily out of sorts. You don’t have to prove anything, instead try to find an acceptable middle way for your activities. Be sure to avoid making any big purchases or making a financial commitment unless they are absolutely necessary. Practice some humility when you’re at work, in your quest for success conduct yourself appropriately, always behave fairly and use restraint.


You might be expecting your darling to be an all rounder care taker of you today. You demand their time today which will be given by them happily. You should take a step back and engage in some self-reflection, otherwise your relationship could become strained and suffer a serious blow. Take time to reflect before retorting Aquarius, because they could actually be right on some points. If you react in a sober way, your family will regain their trust in you very quickly. Carefully consider if it’s worthwhile expending energy reserves and when it’s not such a good idea.


Pisces your physical condition improves as a result of this greater lifestyle balance, and others come to notice your impressive, eye-catching physique as well as the confidence you possess. Your career is on a good move, progresses positively today. You will make significant announcements that you’ve avoided making for some time in financial matters. Your optimistic and positive charisma are magnetic. A friend or family member of you may need your help pisces, so don’t hesitate to offer them assistance, since you have the necessary resources.




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