Daily Horoscope 10 June 2018

Sunday 10th June 2018


You tend to rush decisions Aries as you simply go with your gut instinct, or what you think is the best thing to do at the time. With that in mind, you are intuitive and you often get decisions right – but this also means that you sometimes get them wrong as well. This could be one of those times if you are not careful, so it pays today to think things through, or even put off making a big decision for a few days to make sure you make the right one. There really is no rush – despite what you might think.



You could have a lazy day today Taurus when not much will happen but you will get to spend some time doing things close to home. As a fixed Earth sign however, this could be just what you need in order to find you center again and also just relax and focus on self care. The key on a day like today is to keep it simple and plan low key activities that don’t take too much time an effort. You will be happy you did and this will conserve your energy for the week ahead which will leave you in a great mood.


This is a day when the past could come knocking for you Gemini whether you want it or not. Someone from your past could come back now and that could mean that you also have to face some past demons. When we see a familiar face caused by the astrological weather, this is the universe’s way of telling you that you have some unfinished business. If that is the case for you now, then the key is to learn from what happened in the past. If an ex cheated on you, for example, then they probably will again – so beware and steer clear!


As a Water sign, you tend to flow through life like a pretty mountain stream. Your Water sign element makes you flexible and allows you to adapt to circumstances, and it also makes you come across as laid back and serene. But you also need to remember that there is a huge amount of power that comes from water – just imagine a raging ocean in the middle of a storm. So, you need to harness a little bit of this power today rather than simply going with the flow and seeing where that takes you – as you just can’t always take that approach to life Cancer.


There is a lot of commotion going on in your chart right now Leo and this means that you could get swept along in a whole lot of drama if you are not careful. The problem is that you are a Fire sign and you tend to lead with your heart which makes decisions for you rather than your head. But now you really need to make an effort to look at the bigger picture rather than focusing on the small details in your life as these will hold you back and act as a distraction. You have got this Leo!


You can be a bit judgmental Virgo which is one of the less positive traits of your sign at times. This means that you are sometimes quite hard on other people around you and this could be the case for you now. You may have judged someone in your life quite harshly, but you also really need to look at the situation again and ask yourself whether that is fair or whether perhaps you rushed to judgment a little too quickly. If you did then there is still the chance to sort this out and change your mind before it’s too late.


You could spend your day in a bit of a spin now Libra. You are one of the most indecisive signs of the zodiac at the best of times and now it could all get even worse as you struggle to even decide what you want to eat for breakfast. Hello analysis paralysis! This is an issue as it could stop you from getting any work done so you really need to buckle down now and make sure that you make some decisions today, even if they seem small and insignificant. The key is to make your mind up about something.


Be careful of your temper today Scorpio. Even though you are a Water sign, you are also known for having something of a fiery temperament when you really lose it with people. This is what could happen now as some anger and resentment could bubble over and you may find that you snap at someone who really doesn’t deserve it. If that is the case, and you can’t hold your tongue, then at least apologize when you realize what you did wrong. It is better than making a bad situation worse by being arrogant and refusing to back down.


You may not agree with everyone around you today Sagittarius. The key is to remember that that is fine. You do not need to see eye to eye with everyone around you now and you can still get along with friends and family who hold a different opinion to yours. There is nothing to be gained today by losing your temper or arguing long and hard about issues that no one can agree on so the best thing to do is not even try. There is so much beauty in agreeing to disagree and that should be your main focus now Sagittarius.


You love to work hard and you especially love it when your hard work is awarded with prestige and praise Capricorn. Today however may see you going too hard at work and you could be in the mood to stomp all over people to get what you want. If that sounds like it might be the case then you need to pull back and ask yourself what this is all really worth. If you alienate people then it will come back to bite you one day and you don’t want to get a reputation as someone who doesn’t play well with others.


Sometimes you look at the glass half full and sometimes you look at it half empty Aquarius, and today it could be the latter. You could be a little down in the dumps and it may seem as if everything around you is not going well at all. But actually you need to ask yourself if that is really the case or if you are just being overly pessimistic. It is very easy to self sabotage when you are in this frame of mind, so the trick is to think positively even if you are not really feeling it at all!


You are firing on all cylinders today Pisces so get ready to hit a home run straight out of the gate. You have so much talent and now is truly the time to use it. Sometimes you can be worried about showcasing your amazing talents to others, so if that is the case now you need to push that nagging feeling aside. Actually you deserve your time in the spotlight just as much as everyone else and that time is now. So go for it and get ready for people to start to notice you and all that you can do.

Aisyah Llewellyn

Aisyah Llewellyn first started studying horoscope books as a child which she borrowed from her mother and read for hours late into the night. When she was in school she started to draw up astrology charts for her schoolmates before finally studying astrology properly when she became an adult. She first started to write mundane astrology predictions about world events for publications and was then offered her own monthly astrology column in Magdalene Magazine. From there she started to get private requests for astrology charts with many clients asking her to focus on their relationships. As a result, she began to specialize in compatibility charts and strongly believes that it is a myth that some zodiac signs can’t get along. She is an advocate for astrology being accepted as a science and also believes that astrology is not destiny. If she could give readers any advice, it would be that free will plays an important part in astrological predictions and nothing happens if you don’t take action.

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